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ES&P Blockchain service  addresses blockchain and its complementing technologies such as distributed ledger technology, smartcontracts, and cryptocurrency.

We provide a variety of services to assist organizations in their journey to achieve trustless consensus based global parnerships.

ES&P brings its strong expertise in Platform integration and Digital transformation services to combine with blockchain and provide value added services technology platforms.

We also act as an end-to-end partner for Blockchain projects, from exploratory phase, through the business case construction until solution development and roll-out.

Our Blockchain services

  1. Validate your blockchain use cases
  2. Develop solutions using Ripple, or integrated with Ripple connect
  3. Develop Ethereum and Multichain smart contract ecosystems and prototypes
  4. Design and develop front-end applications for your blockchain solutions
  5. Setup, maintain and integrate the Interledger between different blockchain networks
  6.  Set up and manage hosted Sandbox environments

We understand use cases of blockchain in the BFSI, Crypto-currency, Payments, Telecom related to Wallets, Mobile currencies, Recharges, Identity provision etc.

Our experience

We are actively engaged on blockchain technology projects with clients from diverse sectors. Our engagements are mostly permissioned systems, typically built using distributed ledgers and smart contracts. ES&P has built a domain agnostic talent pool with full-stack developers who can work across blockchain technologies.

Our key implementations

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