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Empire Technology Services provides a wide range of professional services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We have experience developing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solutions with wide features and functions. Located at Hyderabad, India – we have CRM implementation experience across industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services and Professional Services for clients in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and Middle East.

We provide implementation and support services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for licensed/on-premises and subscription-based/cloud deployments. We offer both preconfigured and customized industry solutions and highly configurable solution offerings for all businesses.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online services include

  • Business case & assessment
  • Requirements Analysis & Process Mapping
  • Solutioning & Design
  • Implementation & Deployment
  • QuickStart Solution
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Health check

We will give business process guidance specific to the unique needs of your business and industry. Empire Technology Services is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Partner. Your are assured of expert assistance on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at every step of the of your implementation. We have in depth experience so that you’ll receive the best possible service at the best possible rate or at a fixed price.


The key benefits of CRM solutions include

  • Pay-as- you-go pricing model
  • Dedicated API for each service offered
  • Increase profitability and efficiency
  • Seamless Database Management
  • Security through compliance program and highly secure data centers
  • Scalability regardless of application size

With more than a decade of experience, our CRM Development India team has achieved a new height of unprecedented success through our CRM solutions and services and helped us to explore a new dimension to customer service. We also focus on leveraging the platform to support any relationship scenario you want to develop with our CRM services.

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